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As you get your nest in order, you may find yourself thinking about with whom you want to share this space.

Taurus horoscope today january 7 2020

Jupiter is holding space in your 5th house beginning on the 2nd, creating opportunities for romance or expanding your family. Social activity around your homestead picks up when Mercury zips into your 4th house. The Full Moon on the 12th brings completion at work. Something is coming to a close, paving the way for new opportunities in Start writing the great American novel when Jupiter trines Uranus on the 15th. The odds are stacked in your favor! The atmosphere at work becomes social when Venus sashays into your 6th house on the 20th.

Holiday parties and drinks after work create a merry vibe. The solar eclipse on the 26th could take your romantic life in an exciting direction — it could also be the right day to begin working on conceiving a child.


Whatever you start this day promises to change your life profoundly. Begin talking about the future with your honey when Mercury settles into your 5th house on the 28th.

The Sun in your 3rd house puts power behind your thoughts, but it also makes your wanderlust stronger. Mars and Mercury circling your 2nd house of money accelerate your cash hustling skills, just in time to fund your holidays. On the 2nd, Jupiter crosses into your domestic sector, sitting tight for a full year. This can improve relationships with the family and help you to manifest the house of your dreams. If you want a bigger crib or simply want to pretty up your nest, the year ahead makes it possible.

Think about what your ideal place might look like — and then begin working toward your goal. Start planning short trips when Mercury zooms into your 3rd house on the 9th. The Full Moon on the 12th is a fab day for going somewhere. If you are looking for a day to play hooky, mark this one on the calendar — and jet off to someplace exciting! A lucky aspect between Jupiter and Uranus on the 15th could be the green light for a home loan or other source of income home-based business?

Pay attention to the days surrounding this one — the golden touch is with you around this time. Put romance on your December agenda beginning on the 20th when Venus drifts into your 5th house. Your home is the hot spot to be when the Sun migrates into your 4th house on the 21st. The solar eclipse on the 26th brings news about a family member — or your home. Mercury will be in your 4th house on the 28th, helping you to talk things out with your family — or negotiate a better living situation. Scorpio: Mars and Mercury are in your sign at the beginning of the month, dear Scorpio.

These two planets give you the ability to persuade everybody to your side. The Sun in your 2nd house brings a better cash flow. Jupiter in your 3rd house beginning on the 2nd leads to big ideas and lots of travel.

Which 2020 Candidate Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

The year ahead could find you zipping around the world or sharing your thoughts on a bigger stage! Mercury in your 2nd house beginning on the 9th could make your words pay off too. You might get a paid speaking event or a book deal.

At the very least, you have a few weeks to pitch the media with your unique ideas. Make this Mercury work for you! The Full Moon on the 12th clears up a financial issue. A debt could be paid at that time, or you may finish the paperwork on a loan. Take a trip with your honey around the 15th when Jupiter trines Uranus. This would be a stunning weekend for a quick romantic getaway! Your home will be the place to be when Venus enters your domestic zone on the 20th. Get your hostess with the mostest vibe on — and set out extra plates just in case a relative drops by.

Upgrade your mindset when the Sun illuminates your 3rd house starting on the 21st. The solar eclipse on the 26th is potent for meditation and affirmations. Change your mind that day, and you may just change your life!

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When Mercury joins the Capricorn party on the 28th, begin making plans for You can get super clear around your priorities now, setting your self up for a winning year ahead! Sagittarius: The Sun is shining brightly on your right now, dear Sagittarius.

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Have a party, spend time with friends, and be sure to take a few bows for all your recent accomplishments. Jupiter enters your money zone on the 2nd, upping your cash flow for an entire year.

My New Book: "The Body and The Cosmos" Kindle Edition Pre-Order Now on Amazon!

The doors of money opportunity will open wide just for you. Mercury enters your sign on the 9th, making it easier than ever to broadcast your awesomeness. Everyone is listening, yo. A Full Moon in your 7th house gives you the incentive to let go of old relationships once and for all. The trine between Jupiter and Uranus on the 15th an excellent money-making opportunity into view. This could be an out-of-the-blue lucky break that elevates your revenue to a significant new level.

Love becomes the real deal when Venus flits into your 3rd house on the 20th. This would also be a lovely day to take that special someone home for the holidays to meet the family. Another cash flow upgrade is possible after the Sun begins warming up your 2nd house on the 21st. The weeks ahead bring gifts of money and new career opportunities, setting the stage for a lucrative The solar eclipse on the 26th brings important news about your financial situation. Something big is happening around that day, and it could propel you to baller status. Plan an end of the year tour to watch the ball drop around December 28th when Mercury edges into your 2nd house.

Might as well live a bit large as you ring in the next year. Capricorn: A bevy of planets are sitting in your sign this month, soon to be joined by others, dear Capricorn. This puts a lot of cosmic energy at your fingertips — giving you the possibility to transform your life in surprising ways. Venus, Saturn, and Pluto allow your best foot to come forward as December arrives. You can command the room and get the accolades you so richly deserve. Jupiter is in your sign beginning on the 2nd. This gives you a golden glow for the upcoming year — you can manifest your best life!

Focus on what you want and know that the cosmos is on your side like never before!

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Secrets make their way to you beginning on the 9th when Mercury hangs out in your 12th house. Keep that under your hat. It may come in handy later. The Full Moon on the 12th brings the completion to a work project. This is one that may have taken a lot of effort. The Jupiter Uranus trine on the 15th brings unexpected luck in love. Something may happen that day that surprises you in a good way. Cash becomes king when Venus enters your 2nd house on the 20th. Luxury gifts, a raise, and a potential windfall — all of these could become a reality in the weeks of this Venus transit. When the Sun is in your sign beginning on the 21st, the spotlight shifts in your direction.